Specialists in High Tech Industrial Cleaning Processes
Specialists in High Tech Industrial Cleaning Processes

1996 Ducati 916

For the past year or so the Old Man has been on the look out for the icon which is, the Ducati 916. But in the last few years these bikes have rocketed up in value. So in the end he settled for a Honda VTR 1000 SP1 which won the World Superbikes the year after the 916. Even after owning the SP1 he still wanted a 916, after searching the internet again for a few days this 916 came up for sale with 10.000 miles on the clock. The owner recently had all paintwork and decals done to original spec, but didn't have a very good mechanical knowledge, therefore it was perfect for us!

Keep up to date with our detailed and completely original restoration of this iconic bike, we will be Blasting and Ultra Sonically Cleaning every part possible to bring this bike to original, factory spec.

Only 1 week in and the bike is already stripped into a million pieces...

23rd July 2015 - This picture above is what we have been Aqua Blasting today, after close inspection and research we have discovered that the exhaust is a full stainless steel big bore Termignoni system!! The pictures below are of the results, we are extremely pleased with the finish from our Vixen 915 Aqua Blaster.

9th September 2015 - After a busy few week, the bike is now completely stripped, all fittings, fixtures, nuts and bolts have been sent off for Zinc Plating, whilst today the Frame, Wheels and other bits and pieces are getting dropped off for Powder Coating.

11th September 2015 - Quicker than expected all fittings, fixtures nuts and bolts have returned from Zinc Plating and we are over the moon with the results, the Rear Axle was also sent off for Plating and looks fantastic, check out the photos below..

17th October 2015 - A lot of progress has been made since the last update, after waiting almost a month for the correct Ducati powder to be made for Painting, all Powder Coated parts have arrived back and the results are stunning, we are so glad we stuck with all original Ducati colours, it was well worth the wait! The last 3 photos are of how the bike stands now, the old man has been assembling it bit by bit keeping it completely original.

5th November 2015 - The bike is coming along nicely now, good progress has been made, we are now at the point where not much more can be done until the engine goes back in. Now we begin work on the monsterours V-Twin that lies beneath the blood red body work.

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