Specialists in High Tech Industrial Cleaning Processes
Specialists in High Tech Industrial Cleaning Processes

Soda Blasting

We now offer Soda blasting a popular Eco friendly alternative to bead blasting, can be used as a less invasive form of cleaning as the Soda particles and force to clean and blast away any grease, dirt or paint from mental without damaging any of the underline metal. It is simple to clean and wipe away leaving no residue and a perfect finish. Perfect for those intricate mechanical parts where you require a clean finish and no produce left on the item which may cause damage in future. 

What should Soda Blasting be used for?

Soda Blasting is mainly used to remove greace, rust, paint and other stains from softer metals or items that require no trace of substance left behind. Since the soda disolves it is a first choice for the automotive industry for items such as engine blocks and other engine parts so it does not effect any internal moving components.

Since it is a less aggresive cleaning method metals like copper and brass fixtures can have years of tarnish removed without damaging or warping the metal. 

Since Soda blasting cleans and deoderises it is perfect for removing graffiti and cleaning fire damage.



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